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4 HVAC Thermostat Issues in Suffolk, VA, and How to Fix Them

December 14, 2022

Your thermostat provides an interface you use to give instructions to your HVAC system. Therefore, if the device develops any problems, you may not be able to communicate your heating requirements to the HVAC system. Here are some common HVAC thermostat issues in Suffolk, VA, and how to fix them.

Dirty Sensors

Typically, your thermostat reads your indoor temperatures with the help of special sensors. Dirt and dust may enter the thermostat and accumulate in large quantities with time.

These contaminants block the sensors, making it difficult for the sensors to continue working efficiently. You can remove the thermostat’s cover and use a brush with soft bristles to clean the device’s interior.

Damaged Sensors

If you have any doubts about your thermostat’s temperature-detection abilities, you can use a thermometer to measure your indoor temperatures. If your thermostat readings are higher or lower than the actual temperatures in your house, there may be damage to your thermostat sensors.

It’s not advisable to repair your device as you may worsen the problem. Consider seeking a professional service technician’s help.

Blank Thermostat

If you walk up to your thermostat and find the screen is blank, there’s no need to panic. The problem may be as simple as your batteries. Replacing them may bring the screen back on.

Also, a tripped circuit breaker may cause your thermostat’s screen to go blank. Resetting your circuit breaker should take care of this anomaly.

Outdated Thermostat

Outdated thermostats may lack the energy-saving features found in modern smart thermostats. For instance, you may have to manually input your temperature needs on the thermostat every time you leave or enter your home. On the other hand, you can communicate your temperature needs to a smart thermostat using a smartphone or tablet, regardless of whether you’re at home or outside.

Contact Smiley’s Heating & Cooling for professional heating services if your HVAC thermostat isn’t working as it should. We’ll inspect it and fix the problematic parts.

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