Poor Indoor Air Quality

Can Indoor Air Quality Impact Your Business in Suffolk, VA?

October 17, 2021

Many businesses focus on making profits and nothing else. As a result, they forget about promoting the well-being of employees and customers. Maintaining adequate indoor air quality is a vital part of doing so. This is essential to good health, offering a better work experience and reducing the risk of respiratory illnesses and other chronic diseases. Here are some causes of poor indoor air quality and how it can affect your Suffolk, VA, business:

Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality in Businesses

Firstly, it may surprise you to learn how many pollutants come with doing business. Some common culprits include:

  • Refrigerators, grills, fryers and stoves in restaurants.
  • Lighting, UV rays and plants in offices.
  • Synthetic fibers, cleaning detergents, carpeting and lubricating agents in many types of businesses.

Business owners should install proper HVAC systems and invest in buildings with proper ventilation. Poor ventilation and under-performing HVAC systems will expose workers to contaminants. Read on to understand the impacts of poor indoor air quality.

Effects on Cognitive Functioning

Next, poor indoor air quality can have detrimental effects on an employee’s cognitive functions. These adverse effects include memory loss, poor decision making and reduced concentration. Individuals working in well-ventilated environments perform better than those in poorly ventilated offices.

Effects on Health

Besides improving cognitive functioning, good air quality has a positive effect on physical health. Employees with underlying conditions such as asthma and bronchitis can work comfortably without needing to take sick leave. As a result, you improve productivity, which saves money. Improved indoor air quality also reduces the incidence of sick building syndrome from exposure to volatile organic compounds and poor ventilation. This syndrome results in flu-like symptoms such as:

  • Dry and itchy skin.
  • Headaches.
  • Mental fatigue and difficulty concentrating.
  • Dizziness.
  • Nausea.
  • Irritation of the eyes, nose and throat.

Effects on Business Profits

Finally, good health among employees increases productivity since it promotes improved workplace morale and high retention rates. Your good air quality will attract clients to your business since they’ll feel comfortable there. If you own a business in Suffolk, VA, contact Smiley’s Heating & Cooling for all your HVAC service needs.

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