AC Compressor Needs Service

4 Signs Your AC Compressor Needs Service in Portsmouth, VA

June 10, 2022

Your air conditioner’s compressor helps raise the pressure and temperature of the vapor refrigerant leaving the evaporator coil. As a result, it helps maintain its flow in the AC system. If your AC compressor develops a problem, the air conditioner won’t effectively cool your home. From issues such as strange noises to a tripped circuit breaker, here are a few signs that your AC compressor needs service in Portsmouth, VA.

Low or No Air Pressure

Low or no air pressure is common if you have a faulty AC compressor. This problem mostly occurs if the compressor wears out or the controls are faulty; either way, this can affect your indoor air quality. It’s important to call a service technician to assess the controls and AC compressor.

Strange Noises

Your air conditioner’s compressor should be mostly silent when it runs, and even commercial HVAC systems have a relatively low amount of noise. When strange noises are coming from the AC compressor, it may signify worn-out components, hence requiring servicing. If there’s any rattling, screeching or humming, you need to call a qualified HVAC service technician.

Difficulty in Powering On

If your AC system has a lot of resistance while starting, it may be a pointer to a malfunction of the AC compressor. Continually turning on the air conditioning system without resolving this issue may lead to the compressor wearing out. Consult a certified HVAC service technician to resolve this AC problem.

Insufficient Cooling

One of the key functions of the compressor is to release the heat that your air conditioner’s refrigerant absorbs while cooling your house. If it can’t release that heat, the AC system will have trouble cooling your home. If that’s the case, there may be a problem with your AC compressor.

Investing in routine maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure that your AC system is functioning optimally. Since replacing the compressor is costly, relying on expert service technicians to conduct preventive maintenance can help detect any early damage signs. If you need professional AC repair, HVAC installation or maintenance services, call Smiley’s Heating & Cooling for expert assistance from a certified professional.

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