Furnace Repair

When to Call a Pro and Schedule a Furnace Repair

December 28, 2020

Do you suspect your furnace isn’t operating as it should? The longer you wait to have it inspected, the more energy and money you’ll waste. Not to mention the risk of requiring a complete system replacement will increase by the day. Read on to learn when you should call a professional and schedule a furnace repair for your Portsmouth, VA, home.

You Smell Gas

Have you noticed the smell of rotten eggs around your furnace? If so, you must turn your furnace off immediately because you have a gas leak. Turn the gas supply valve off, too. Contact a furnace repair company right away.

You Notice Water Around the Furnace

A water leak isn’t as dangerous as a gas leak. That said, you still need it addressed quickly to maintain a warm and comfortable home. If you find water around your furnace, chances are it’s because of a clogged condensate line.

You Hear Loud Noises

Loud noises like bangs, scrapes and screeches are obvious red flags that something is wrong with your furnace. The longer you wait to schedule a repair, the worse the problem will get. Don’t let a small issue create a serious problem.

You Feel Weak Airflow

If there’s barely any warm air coming out of the supply vents in your home, your furnace isn’t functioning as it should. The causes can range from issues with fans to problems with motors. Schedule a furnace repair as soon as possible.

You Receive Higher Energy Bills

Have your recent heating bills skyrocketed without apparent reason? There’s likely a problem with your furnace that’s causing it to work harder than needed and to waste energy. Paying for a repair will help you save in the long run.

Don’t let a malfunctioning furnace impact your family’s comfort for too long. Contact Smiley’s Heating & Cooling to get the issue found and fixed right away. We complete every furnace repair to the highest of standards.

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