Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air

Why is My Heat Pump Cooling My Hampton, VA, Home in Heating Mode?

November 18, 2021

You expect your heat pump to make your home feel warm and cozy in winter. However, at times, it might blow cold air even after you set it on heating mode, and this might signal a major problem in the heating system. Here are some reasons your heat pump cools your Hampton, VA, home in heating mode:

Reversing Valve Failure

Performing both heating and cooling, the heat pump uses the reversing valve to change the route of the refrigerant from one mode to the other. When the refrigerant changes the route, the system changes its function from cooling mode to heating mode and vice versa. When your system has reversing valve failure, it’ll fail to change modes correctly. As a result, it’ll blow cold air when it’s still in heating mode.

Lack of Maintenance

The heat pump is a complex machine, and it needs regular maintenance to ensure it works effectively and efficiently. When your system is blowing cold air in heating mode, it might be due to an airflow problem that a professional service technician can fix. Schedule regular maintenance and HVAC repairs to ensure your system always works at its best.

Your Heating System Freezes

A frozen heat pump isn’t common, but it can happen when it’s overworked or when the refrigerant is leaking. The ice will freeze your system and generate cold air even when it’s in heating mode. When you notice ice buildup on the outdoor unit of your heating system, call a certified service technician to fix the issue.

When using your heat pump in winter, you may experience some issues and not know their causes. Our team is here to help. For all your heating installation, repair and maintenance service needs in Hampton, VA, call us at Smiley’s Heating & Cooling.

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