Newport News Heating Repair

Looking for furnace repair, or heating repair in Newport News, Hampton or Williamsburg? Smiley’s Heating and Cooling can service your heater, furnace, or heat pump anywhere in Newport News, Williamsburg, Hampton or the general Peninsula.

Repairing Your Newport News Furnace

Does your Newport News home have an older furnace? Do you notice it is working harder and harder to heat up your home. This could be a sign of potential problems. Smiley’s is a call away to your Newport News or Williamsburg home, offering personal service and reliability.

Servicing Your Heating Unit Or Furnace In Newport News

We also offer service plans to make sure your heating unit, heat pump, or furnace is ready for the season. While the cooler weather tends to come later for Newport News, Hampton, And Williamsburg, getting your unit check out now can save you from discomfort when the cold season hits. Call Smiley’s Heating and Cooling to find out more about this.

Installation From Oyster Point To Williamsburg Of Your New Heating Unit, Furnace, Or Heat Pump

Should the day come that you need a new heating or furnace unit installed at your home on the Peninsula, Smiley’s offers competitive pricing and great service to get the job done. We have decades of experience that help us make sure the unit will be installed correctly and work properly for years to come.

Newport News And Peninsula Coverage Area

We are ready to serve you anywhere on the Peninsula. Here is a basic coverage map of the areas we serve in Newport News, Hampton, and Williamsburg