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Does your Newport News Heating Unit need Repair? Is the heater or furnace making noise? Are some of the rooms in your Hidenwood home freezing while others are blazing hot?

Heater Warning Signs Can Save You Money

These might seem like bad signs but that is only if you wait. Many times an inefficient heating unit or heater is a sign that your system can be repaired or needs to be serviced. If you wait and do not let qualified hvac specialists inspect and service your unit, than you could be replacing one in your Newport News home in the not so distant future.

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So get that heating unit serviced now. Introduce your NN heater to the specialists at Smiley for repair. We have decades of heating repair and can be on the Peninsula day quickly to help repair your Newport News Heater or furnace unit.

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Newport News Heating Repair

Looking for furnace repair, or heating repair in Newport News, Hampton or Williamsburg? Smiley’s Heating and Cooling can service your heater, furnace, or heat pump anywhere in Newport News, Williamsburg, Hampton or the general Peninsula.

Repairing Your Newport News Furnace

Does your Newport News home have an older furnace? Do you notice it is working harder and harder to heat up your home. This could be a sign of potential problems. Smiley’s is a call away to your Newport News or Williamsburg home, offering personal service and reliability.

Servicing Your Heating Unit Or Furnace In Newport News

We also offer service plans to make sure your heating unit, heat pump, or furnace is ready for the season. While the cooler weather tends to come later for Newport News, Hampton, And Williamsburg, getting your unit check out now can save you from discomfort when the cold season hits. Call Smiley’s Heating and Cooling to find out more about this.

Installation From Oyster Point To Williamsburg Of Your New Heating Unit, Furnace, Or Heat Pump

Should the day come that you need a new heating or furnace unit installed at your home on the Peninsula, Smiley’s offers competitive pricing and great service to get the job done. We have decades of experience that help us make sure the unit will be installed correctly and work properly for years to come.

Newport News And Peninsula Coverage Area

We are ready to serve you anywhere on the Peninsula. Here is a basic coverage map of the areas we serve in Newport News, Hampton, and Williamsburg

Heater Problems: Is The Heat Distributed Evenly?

Heater Tip #4: Is The Heat Distributed Evenly?

There are many signs your heater needs maintenance. One of course is when you turn on the heater for that first chilly day in Virginia Beach. A few seconds later you realize the heater is not coming on. This is the worst way to learn you have to call heater repair. Naturally we are ready to help at Smileys.

Poor Heater Performance Can Mean A Poor Heatervirginia beach heating repair and heat distribution

A more subtle sign that your heater could be heading for that fate is poor heater performance. One very sure sign is how the warm air is being distributed from the heater or heating unit. The flow of the air through your house or condo may not be circulating properly. To a non HVAC person who is not skilled in heating or heater systems, a sign off poor air flow is rooms that are much colder than other rooms.

Poor Airflow Can Mean Bigger Heater Problems To Come

Simply put: the heat is not being distributed properly. This can be remedied but if it is not, it could be the harbinger of much bigger, and more expensive heating problems.

Family Owned And Local

Smiley’s is family owned. We have locations in Virginia Beach and Portsmouth.

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More Information Concerning Your Heater Or Furnace

Recap Of Other Furnace And Heater Informational Tips For Virginia Beach

If you missed them here are some more tips:

  • Furnace Tip #1:Don’t Forget The Air Filters
  • Furnace Tip #2:Use Electronic Reminders To Keep You On Schedule
  • Furnace Tip #3: Meet The Technician

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Our Beach Location For Heater Repair

We are located right in the Lynnhaven Mall Area On Seahawk Circle. From here we can reach you anywhere in The City Of Virginia Beach. Here is some more information about our service areas in Virginia Beach, Virginia






Virginia Beach Heating And Furnace Information: Meet The Service Provider

Tip #3: Meet The Technician

It might seem like a simple tip concerning your Virginia Beach Heater or furnace but it is a big one. Meet the service provider who will be working on your own furnace, heater, or heat pump. It furnace repair informationmight seem silly but there are plenty of people who have no idea who is fixing their furnace.

Some Things To Look For Before They Fix Your Furnace..

Here are some key things to think about:

  1. Will the hvac or furnace representative come to my home before they start the job?
  2. Are they attentive?
  3. Are they informed, neat, and clean?
  4. Can they answer all your questions?
  5. Do they give you clear straight up pricing?
  6. Are they from an established company?
  7. And Are They Family?

Let One Family Come To The Home Of Your Virginia Beach Family

Smiley’s is family owned and run with locations in Virginia Beach and Lynnhaven. Before you let someone come out to your home, make sure they are family, the Smiley Family.

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More Tips To Help You Make The Right Choice

Recap Of Other Furnace And Heater Tips For Virginia Beach

If you missed them here are some more tips:

  • Furnace Tip #1:Don’t Forget The Air Filters
  • Furnace Tip #2:Use Electronic Reminders To Keep You On Schedule

Other Articles And Information And Heating And Furnace Issuesheating technician


Our Lynnhaven Location For Furnace And Heater Repair

We are located right in Lynnhaven near the Mall. From here we can reach you anywhere in Virginia Beach. Here is some more information about our service areas in Virginia Beach


Simple Steps To Keep Your Virginia Beach’s Home Heater Working

It is hard to think about things like heating in Virginia Beach. Mild weather, great summers, and perfect Fall weather make things like heater maintenance and repair seem almost ridiculous. Winter, or brutal cold winter, is nowhere to be found and your heater made it through last season. But believe me, Winter, and even late Fall weather WILL come, and the time to prepare your heater is now.

Getting Your Heater Ready..Like A Day At The Beach

Don’t view this as a giant to do list designed to torture you. You know the kind of list that just nags away at you. View it as just simple steps and tackle them one stage at a time. Every little bit helps. That being said I am going to begin putting some tips here to help

heater service and repair virginia beach

Heater Tips For Virginia Beach Residents

Tip 1: Change Your Air Filters

Sometimes the simplest things are the most difficult to do. Not because they are hard, but that they are easy to forgot. Air Filters fit that category. This is the most important thing you can do for your heating, heat pump, or HVAC system. Whether you live in Bayside, the Oceanfront, Lynnhaven, or any other section of Virginia Beach, this is one task that pays big dividends. It is easy to do and is the first tip on our list of what do to keep that heater or furnace working properly.

heater repair virginia beach

Tip #2 Making It Easy To Remember

In the age of technology put those phones and Ipads to good use. Put a reminder on your digital calendar every three months. Set it is a recurring event and it will remind you when it is time. How easy is that!

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