When you think of your heating and cooling system, your furnace, heater, heat pump or air conditioner, you may not think about the ducts. Many people never give it a second thought. When the unit is down the first thought is repair the Ac unit or get the furnace fixed. This is not always inaccurate, but you cannot overlook the ducts.

The ducts are the tubing that shuttles the air back and forth from your heating or cooling unit through your home. In fact, without properly maintained ducts, your ac or furnace unit are pretty much useless. Think of the furnace or air conditioning unit like a fuel tank in a car. Without a gas line to the engine, it is just gasoline. Well the ducts bring that cold or warm air to the engine of your home..where you live. They are what ensures cool or warm air is reaching you and your family.

What is the cost of damaged or poorly maintained ducts?

Ducts that are in poor shape will not move air efficiently. This means your air conditioning unit or furnace have to work harder to keep you hot or cool. That means higher bills. It also means more strain on your ac unit or furnace. This means the chance of it not working properly increases. This added strain can also reduce the lifespan of the unit, which will cost you a lot more in repairs.

Bad Ducts Mean Bad Air

And bad ducts also can impact air quality. Unclean ducts pump air that is unclean. This means your lungs are working harder to filter out dirty air flowing throughout your house. No one wants cool dirty air or warm dirty air. We want our ducts to transport clean air at the temperature we need.

What do you do to make sure your ducts are in working order?

Call your duct repair technicians at Smiley’s Heating And Cooling. We can inspect and repair your ducts. This can help keep your heating and cooling system in good working order.