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Performing furnace maintenance regularly is important to keep your Virginia Beach heating unit in top shape. If you need expert help in carrying out this task, turn to none other than Smiley’s Heating & Cooling. We have been providing quality HVAC service since 1986. Whether you need us to do HVAC repair or maintenance, we’ll work hard to get the job done properly and efficiently.

Reasons to Hire Professionals for Furnace Maintenance and Repair

When it comes to furnace maintenance, going DIY can be tempting. This lets you cut out the middleman and possibly save on costs. However, this may not always be the case, especially if you have little to no experience doing HVAC repair or maintenance. Without the necessary training and knowledge, you might only do your Virginia Beach heating more harm than good. Here’s why you should enlist professional HVAC service instead:

The warranty of your unit requires regular furnace maintenance.

Some manufacturers offer excellent warranties on their Virginia Beach heating systems. That said, in the event that you encounter issues with your Virginia Beach heating unit, these warranties require that only a professional performs its repairs or tune-ups. By hiring a technician to do HVAC repair for you, you help maintain the validity of your Virginia Beach heating’s unit.

Units that undergo regular professional furnace maintenance cost less to run.

When Virginia Beach heating units aren’t maintained regularly and their filters aren’t kept clean, they have to run longer and work harder to produce the same amount of air flow and heat. This means that if your Virginia Beach heating unit is not at its most efficient, it might not take long before this reflects on your utility bill, especially in winter when you need your heater the most.

Professional furnace maintenance helps reassure you that your system isn’t going to fail in the dead of winter.

When your Virginia Beach heating undergoes regular furnace maintenance, it will be properly checked for signs that it needs repair or a replacement. This allows you to learn as soon as possible if your Virginia Beach heating unit is on its last legs. If it is, you’ll have enough time to shop around for a new Virginia Beach heating unit. View furnace maintenance tips here.

Professional furnace maintenance helps improve the overall level of comfort of your home.

Your annual HVAC service is a great time to ask your technician for assistance in maintaining or improving your indoor air quality. For instance, if you have rooms that are seemingly cooler than others, you can ask him or her to adjust the vents or air circulation settings of your Virginia Beach heating unit. He or she may also identify issues with your Virginia Beach heating unit that you didn’t know were there.

Professional furnace maintenance helps ensure your safety and your family’s.

Given that furnaces burn fuel to create heat, any malfunction that causes incomplete combustion might lead to the release of carbon monoxide (CO). This puts households that don’t have CO detectors in even extra danger. By opting for regular HVAC service, you can help protect your family from possible CO poisoning.

Professional furnace maintenance can help you save money.

This may sound counterintuitive finance-wise, but scheduling regular furnace maintenance can help you save money in the long run. Attempting to fix your Virginia Beach heating unit yourself may only lead to more problems that could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. When you invest in a professional furnace maintenance plan, you can have the problems with your Virginia Beach heating unit fixed before they escalate and require expensive repairs.

Hiring and Working With a Professional to Make Sure Everything is in Working Order

Do your research on HVAC service providers.

When you plan to hire an HVAC service provider, you have to educate yourself. This involves learning about the license and insurance requirements that HVAC service providers must meet, among others. By being well informed, you can be more effective with your HVAC service provider search.

Ask around about HVAC service providers.

Ask your friends and family about their recommended HVAC service provider. Have they been in the same situation? Who were the companies they’ve enlisted HVAC service from? By getting the opinion of those around you, you can gain insight into the quality of service certain HVAC service providers are capable of.

Contact references of the HVAC service provider.

One way to learn about an HVAC service provider is by reaching out to their references. You can ask the list of contacts of an HVAC service provider about the way they do business, their level of commitment to client satisfaction, and the quality of their workmanship.

Ask about the experience of the HVAC service provider.

The longer an HVAC service provider has been in business, the more likely they can better service your Virginia Beach heating system. Excellent HVAC service providers—which usually have been around for several years—have gained years of expertise in all makes and models of Virginia Beach heating equipment.

Obtain estimates from HVAC service providers.

When you get in touch with various HVAC service providers, ask for an estimate. This way, you’ll have multiple estimates for an HVAC service to compare. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t go solely by HVAC service rate.

Ask about discounts of HVAC service providers.

HVAC service providers may offer discounts at various times throughout the year. When you reach out to HVAC service providers, ask about their current specials or promos. You can also check the websites of these HVAC service providers to see if they offer amazing deals on their furnace maintenance and repair solutions. 

Make sure that the HVAC service provider is licensed.

You don’t want to be left with the bill and the problems should something happen during the HVAC service. This is why ensuring that your HVAC service provider is insured and licensed is important. Look their license number up, and see if they are an HVAC service provider that can operate in your state. 

Get a written contract from your choice of HVAC service provider.

Before any work is performed by your HVAC service provider, make sure that you have a written contract in hand. This lets you have an understanding of how everything will proceed during the scheduled HVAC service. It will also serve as signed proof of the agreements between you and the HVAC service provider.

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