Furnace Maintenance – Easy & Effective 

Boiler or furnace maintenance is done to keep you from having to pay for major, more expensive repairs in the future. Smiley’s Heating & Cooling offers you heater maintenance that is recommended once or twice a year, or at the beginning of the heating season. We check the heating system and make sure that it’s working properly.

During regular maintenance, our professionals will check the heating system’s ducts, pipes and vents. We might spend a while in the basement or in the crawl space under the house as well. We can flush boilers, bleed radiators and clean or change filters. If major repairs are needed, we will let you know and arrange a time to come back and make them. Maintenance may take an hour or two and shouldn’t disrupt your routine very much.

Don’t hesitate to call us for more information about the vital maintenance of your heating system.

Furnace Repairs in Hampton Roads – More Efficient

With few (and rare) exceptions, just about every furnace will need repair. Smiley’s Heating & Cooling has long experience in repairing any make or model heating system and their components. If the system has been maintained regularly, any repairs should be minor, from adjusting the pilot lights on furnaces to repairing thermostats and repairing leaks. These repairs don’t take very long at all and we’ll have all the tools and equipment needed to do the job right the first time.

Some signs that you home or business may be in need of a furnace repair are the following: uneven heat distribution (cold areas), strange noises coming from the unit, or your furnace or boiler simply not coming on. After a complete and thorough assessment of your central heating unit we can recommend the best course of action. With the new repairs complete, you can expect to begin saving money because your unit will be working more efficiently and therefore start saving money on your utility bills.

So give Smiley’s a call to see if your heating system needs repair! 

Furnace Installation – New & Improved

There are a few major types of furnace systems people use in their home. Forced air, hot water heating, and heat pumps are the most popular. We can install all of them at a competitive cost. Each one has advantages and disadvantages based on the property in which it’s being installed. At Smiley’s Heating & Cooling, we want to provide you with the most cost effective furnace installation in Virginia!

Don’t hesitate to call Smiley’s Heating & Cooling to install your new heat system today!