Ductless Mini-Split Needs Repairs

How to Tell When Your Ductless Mini-Split Needs Maintenance in Chesapeake, VA

April 23, 2021

The ductless mini-split cooling efficiency gradually lessens as the system undergoes continual wear. Ductless mini-split issues eventually grow worse, disrupting indoor climate control and air circulation. Here are three indicators that your ductless mini-split requires maintenance in your Chesapeake, VA, house:

Less Output

Firstly, a massive reduction in your system’s cooling output is a bad sign. Prompt inspection is crucial to diagnose and identify the reasons behind improper air conditioning. Restoring smooth airflow and cooling requires expert HVAC services.

Dirt-filled air filters or incorrect thermostat calibrations can cause poor air conditioning. Refrigerant leaks also cause a significant decline in your system’s performance efficiency. Make sure to inform an HVAC specialist if you spot any fluid oozing from your ductless system.

Loud Sounds

Typically, ductless mini-split systems should run without any loud noises. Strange sounds from your system call for professional maintenance and repairs right away. Unfamiliar sounds could occur due to several faults within the mini-split system’s internal electromechanical components.

Grinding noises signify that your ductless system requires professional lubrication along the internal parts. Continuous grinding and rattling sounds aggravate extensive wear on the motor bearings and metal components. Other sounds to watch out for include buzzing, squealing and hissing. To avoid further damage, schedule a repair right away.


Finally, short-cycling is when your mini-split system turns off before completing a cooling cycle. With short-cycling, the ductless system turns on and off quite frequently. As a result, it makes your house less comfortable. This problem affects your system’s operational life and could cause a dramatic increase in your energy expenses.

Common culprits behind short-cycling include electrical faults and low refrigerant quantity. This issue could also be due to clogged filters and evaporator coils. For newly installed mini-splits, frequent short-cycling means that the system is too large for your indoor area.

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